Safety & Security

Camera Access

 Security and safety should be the first priority of any Parent while selecting a day care or a play school. We understand the first-time separation anxiety among the parents and the children. As these days, in most nuclear family set-up parents are mostly the only familiar faces for the child. Parents also at this time go through a lot of apprehension as to how their child will accept a whole lot of strangers around him/her. In order to make the transition smooth not only for the child but also the parent we ensure that the Parent stays around in the initial days of the school starting with longer hours to a short duration and eventually monitoring through the camera. We provide live-streaming facility to put the mind to rest of the Parents and they can continue doing other tasks while looking at all activities of their child while they are away. The cameras are placed in all areas (except
washroom) for Parents to ensure that their child is well settled and all the needs of the child is being taken care of.

Transport Facility

 To ensure ease of commute we provide door-to-door transport facility to our students. The driver is always chosen with due diligence after a multi-level checks and procedures. As the children are very young and need supervision, we provide a Nanny from school to the last stop of the transport. Mobile phone, GPRS and camera access is provided for better efficiency and for communication in case the Parent wants to get in touch and to be well connected during an emergency.

Nutritious In House Food

Eating healthy meals is very importent for childern in their growing years.A balance diet goes a long way in strengthening them, Also devloping healthy and hyginic habit at the early stage of life healps them understand the value of clean eating .Our team of specialists ensure that all nutrient neessary are spaced out throughout the entire week.


We hire trained and experienced nannies. Once they join the school they are trained by internal staff. Principal and Admin Head speak with them on a regular basis to train and understand their equirements. Our nannies treat the children with affection and love. The nannies are selected only after they have been through a series of tests and their previous jobs recommendations have been read. So parents no need to worry. The Navyandhra school is one of the safest places for your children after home.

Medical Room

 Children are prone to falling and getting hurt and that should not come in the way of the fun. Our Medical room is ready with First Aid and a bed for resting incase of any incident. During the change of season children tend to fall sick or suffer from cough and cold, in consultation with the parents we provide a single dose of medicine for the child to feel comfortable. If there are any serious injuries parents are immediately called and the child is rushed to the nearby hospital, i.e., Fortis or Max