Our Facilities

School Building

The architecture of the school is designed to encourage sensory stimulation with splash of colours that are warm and welcoming. The children, as they enter feel comfortable with the surroundings. The play area and classrooms carry forward the design in a manner that children get opportunity of learning while playing. The interiors are child friendly withall safety measures in place.


All classrooms are well lit with natural light for children to feel in sync with the nature. At all times weather appropriate air conditioning is provided to keep children physically comfortable while playing and learning. We provide smart classes for our students to make the learning more fun and interactive. The Teacher Child Ration is 1:10 with all classrooms having one or two trained Nannies. The Nannies are chosen with high emotional quotient and with prior experience in child care.


A teacher is the second parent of the child. Children idolise their teacher and hence selecting a teacher who can justify that role isn’t easy. Our interview not only focuses on professional qualification and experience but also emotional quotient of the teachers that we hire. While dealing with children its important that teachers have high level of patience and can calm a child with much love. Our teacher student ratio is 10:1 so that each child gets personal attention of the teacher.


Our school’s auditorium is designed to develop their overall personality of all students. As communication and presentation is becoming the key in success of an individual we prepare children for the presentation skills. Through Dance, Drama, Music we give opportunities to all students to perform in different areas to build their confidence on and off stage. Students learn to communicate better and develop creativity at greater levels by performing on stage. The accolades received goes a long way in building their self-confidence.

Play Area

 Research shows a direct link between playing and brain development. Keeping this in mind we have designed our play area where children get ample opportunities to explore. We believe every child has a unique understanding of free play time. While keeping a keen eye, we allow children for self- play as only then they learn how to use same toys in innovative manner. There is a learning design that underplays but we follow a curriculum that gives freedom to children to engage with classmates, learn to share and start to enjoy the company of their fellow mates. We have indoor and outdoor designated play area where children enjoy spending time on the swings, trampoline, slides, etc.

Music Room

 Children enjoy learning music from trained professionals who dedicate their life to teaching music to young minds. The music room is well furnished with latest musical equipment and instruments. The music room is very spacious and well-lit with enough leg space for all kids to sit together and learn.

After School Activities

The world today has become full opportunities and options. A child just by studying will not achieve
success. Hence, we focus on an overall personality of children. Navyandhra’s After School Activities program include music, dance and instruments’ classes, computer classes, self-defence, skating and
swimming classes for students. All these activities help develop skill and assist children in pursuing their hobbies. These activities also help children socialize with others with same interest areas.